A long long time in ago in a galaxy far away, Indiana Jones was going on an archeological dig in a cave where he heard of an incredible treasure being held. The coordinates were found on the back of the Declaration of Independence and the FBI were close by ready to make their move against him. He finds his treasure on a pedestal. It seemed too easy, he gets a call on his communicator from his guide Zordon that it could be a weight triggered trap. He finds a rock of similar size. He slowly brings the rock to the spot where the jewel sits to replace it quickly. Heart racing and trying to do this with a steady hand he makes the swap with a fell swoop. Taking a breath and wiping sweat off his forehead the danger gets more out of hand when he hears a large Boulder being released in his direction. Running as fast as his legs can muster he speeds out of the cave and into a swamp. There he hears a small amphibian serenading him with his song about rainbows and asks “how do I get back to civilization?” The Amphibian points in the direction he must go. He reaches a small village and he hears a phone ringing. He picks up, the voice on the other end says “Hello opperator”. Indy wakes up in the command center. Zordon and his mechanical helper Alpha 5 disconnect him from the Matrix. He gets up and tells the intergalactic being “we need to enlist in some help!” Zordon knowing exactly who he wants orders “Alpha, recruit a team of boarder line alcoholics with very weak to non existent filters!!! Oh and attitude can’t forget attitude.” And that is how Chive New England was formed!

The moral of this story is, we are Chive New England, a chapter of Chive Nation! We have brought together what makes up the New England region of this amazing country and colored it green. It’s a collaboration of New Hampshire Chive, Boston Chive, RI Chive, and Chive CT. Our mission is to make New England 10% better.

Everyday were posting to our individual chapters and also to the group page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On this site you will see what’s going on in your neighborhoods and what’s happening as a whole regional chapter. It will also be an open portal to meet who that amazing breath taking individual(s) are that represents your state.

This is your Chive New England! Welcome!